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U.P. Skill Development Mission


To Train all eligible youth in 14-35 age group in the trades of their preference,provide facilities for acquisition and upgradation of skills of the unskilled and semi skilled workforce,enabling Provision for the vulnerable section e.g. women, pwd and minorities. 30% targets are earmarked for women; 20% for minorities,provide trainings in NSQF (National Skills Qualifications Framework) compliant courses only.

Shri Yogi Adityanath

Hon’ble Chief Minister

Shri Kapil Dev Aggarwal

Hon'ble State Minister(I)

Smt.S.Radha Chauhan, IAS

Additional Chief Secretary

Shri Kunal Silku, IAS

Mission Director

From the Mission Director Desk (UPSDM)

U.P. Skill Development Mission or UPSDM has seen only four springs of its birth so far. It is in fact, a child who is growing up with a vision; vision to transform state of Uttar Pradesh and India into a warehouse of skilled.... Read more


Mission To integrate efforts of various departments of the State and Central Government organizations engaged in providing skill development training and make available employment oriented and placement linked training in vocational skills, and even at a greater pace thereafter, by partnering with government and private training providers, while ensuring equitable access to the most disadvantaged, including women; and strive for placement of preferably at least 70% of the trained youth in gainful wage and self-employment to enable them to contribute to the economic development of the State.


To optimize employment opportunities and maximize livelihood options for the youth of the State by training them in demand driven employable skills, empowering them and enriching their lives, improvising such strategies that synergize with endeavours facilitating growth and development of sustainable job enabling structures which could transform the State into a vibrant reservoir of industrious and skilled manpower fairly equipped to endure challenges and countermand all concerns, thus engineering a future when every hand would be engaged and where every tomorrow would be brighter than today.

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