Friday, 20 Mar, 2020    02:01 PM

Beyond The Visible

The state of Uttar Pradesh is not merely a home of every sixth Indian, but it also displays the most kaleidoscopic and tessellated landscape of aspirations and opportunities even amidst whoops of challenges and constraints.
      However nothing else but sheer determination decides the winner and the State of UP has that doggedness which can easily countermand and concerns in the way of transforming the State into a destination of "Umpteen Potential", which the UP has really been destined to.
      With steadfast commitment the state of Uttar Pradesh is well along the trajectory to upscale and develop employable skills in its young population facilitating them create a niche for themselves in the mileau of market led economy.
      The State now aspires to train above 8 million youth by the end of 12th plane period to meet the demand of industries on the one hand and to diversify its economic frontiers from the perennial land based agricultural operations.
      In order to accomplish the targets, the needs are to strength and consolidate support structures and improvise the strategies that may turn the Vision into Mission, a goal into a task.
      UP Skill Development Mission established as a society under the aegis of Department of Vocational Education is born with the above mandate. With a gamut of over 226 government institutes, backed by another 136 odd private training partners and with active response from other associate departments again compounded with heart out acknowledgement from the industrial sector, the target seems to be only at a kissing distance.
      The registration portal of the UPSDM has over 49 lakh youth, who are though moderately educated in formal education environment but have shown an aptitude to get trained in various Skill development trades, which offer a huge potential of employment in the existing scenario and likely to boost up further in the days ahead.
      Rolling out about 4 lakh trained youth in a span of just 4 years is an achievement to reckon with.
      The Ministry of Vocational Education and Skill Development Govt. of India has standardized training norms for all the Skill development schemes and upscaled them also to give them an added focus on quality.
      Against the backdrop of the fact, when the economy is unfolding its new dimensions, contribution of primary sector in the overall economic growth is shrinking, agriculture is no longer proving to be the mainstay for sustenance, industrialization and globalization becoming the fancied words, the need for skilling the State to make it competitive and compatible is the raison d'etre for establishment of the UP Skill Development Mission.
      Those who are still attain nothing, but those who are skilled definitely touch the peaks.

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